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Best bushcraft axe – Consoles

Equip yourself for survival weekends using quality Bushcraft Equipment
Tackle amazing adventures in the great outdoors and take a Firesteel and some 550 Paracord with you.
Survival experts will tell you that a seasoned bushcrafter will be prepared for all eventualities. They stock up on Bushcraft Equipment and make sure they order plenty of 550 Paracord before they embark on their exciting new adventure.Why not look here weblink.
What kinds of Bushcraft Equipment would come in handy on an outdoor trial? For starters, shelter is the main concern; you need to be protected from the elements. A shelter could be created using a mix of Bushcraft Equipment like a good quality tarp and some guy ropes. Alternatively you could buy a waterproof hammock and sleep cocoon-like off the ground.
Get the shelter sorted
Once you’ve sorted the shelter for your outdoor excursion turn your attention to other items of Bushcraft Equipment.
Take a handy supply of 550 Paracord with you; it’ll come in useful at some point. A survival kit will also be a useful addition to your Bushcraft Equipment and you could either build up your own survival kit or buy a purpose made one through suppliers of Bushcraft Equipment. The kit should contain essential items like a Firesteel, a compass, mini torch and whistle. Other items you should consider are sewing needles, thread and pins, they’re great for quick fix repairs when they are required.
Think about food
Go hungry and your mind will be mush. To keep your wits about you in the wilderness you need to eat and with simple cooking tools as part of your Bushcraft Equipment you can curb those hunger pangs.
Start your own fire using tinder, wood and your trusty Firestool and prepare food inside a cooking pot or a Billy can. Compact stoves are also available that make it easy to cook food using gas as a fuel. Basic Bushcraft Equipment should include some form of cooking method, whether you want the challenge of building your own outdoor fire, or a lightweight stove that’s perfect for making meals upon, you’ll find a host of essential Bushcraft Equipment available through specialist suppliers.