About 1-120 Battle for Azeroth

Many players in World of Warcraft level a few different characters. Before dual spec, the main reason was to have functions your main character did not have. For example, tank and healing classes are generally horrible at farming. In order to make money you would have to bear with the slow kill rate, or pay fees to respect into a more DPS spec. Paying to respec would lead to another fee being paid when you need to heal or tank again.Look at this website:1-120 Battle for Azeroth.

Some of you will want a secondary character for other reasons. From covering tradeskill needs (every account needs an alchemist) to just wanting a change of pace. This easy to follow guide will help you find a few extra ways to level up your alts fast. Without committing to a second account, or begging your friends to play the game, your only option is going to be rested farm.

The method is simple. Create multiple characters that you would like to level, and only play a character when you have rested. The obvious benefit is that you will always be under the effects of rested XP for 150% experience per kill. If you find yourself with a bunch of gathering or travel quests, your rested XP will last a long time. On the flip side, it will run out faster if you find yourself doing a lot of kill quests. The downside is that rested experience simply does not last long at lower levels. At higher levels you will find it difficult to burn it all (even if you can play 20 hours a day).

The other method is using World of Warcraft’s recruit-a-friend feature to speed up the process. You will need to create a new trial account for this process (easiest way is to actually recruit a friend). In doing so the two accounts will become linked and be able to gain extra experience and the ability to grant levels. Unfortunately, you will have to use trial accounts for this process, which ends up more expensive overall. Recruit-a-Friend is much faster, however, so many players consider it worth the extra cost.

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